Student projects

Current and past student projects

 Ph.D. projects:

  • 2017-2020 I. A. Gula "Wear and damage in polymer materials" (funded by Continental)
  • 2016-2019 N. K. Mattson "Mori-Zwanzig Coarse-Graining". (cosupervisor with K. Debrabant IMADA)

 Master projects:

  • 2020 P. M. Kirketerp "Lattice polymer models"
  • 2019 J. P. Hansen "A computational study of the thermodynamics of blends"
  • 2019 A.C. Asokan "Impact of Crowders on polymer dynamics"
  • 2016 N.K. Mattsson "Mori-Zwanzig Coarse-Graining". (Co supervisor)

Bachelor projects:

  • 2020 T.W.J. Jarrett "Implementing scattering formalism"
  • 2020 M. Ahlebæk Bachelor project "Mesoscopic modelling of polymer materials"
  • 2017 J.P. Hansen "Kuhn length of mSRP polymer models"
  • 2014 N.K. Mattsson "Pedestrian dynamics". (Cosupervisor)

Other Supervision

  • 2020 Morten Torres Esquivel ISA "AI analysis of movies" (autumn)
  • 2018 Supervisor Kristoffer Pedersen ISA "Modelling damage with peridynamic models of rubber"
  • 2018 Supervisor Jens Phannoi ISA "Modelling and simulation of Casein network aggregation" (with ARLA)
  • 2017 Supervisor Erik+Peter projects on "Polymer – crowder dynamics".
  • 2017 Supervisor Jonathan Lund 5ECTS ISA project ‘SPH modelling’
  • 2017 Supervisor Mikkel Schier 5 ECTS ISA project
  • 2014 First year student project "Computer simulation af rubber materials".
  • 2014 Supervision B. Berkens KE819 project "Simulation of phase-separation dynamics driven out of equilibrium by phase localized chemical reactions"
  • 2012 Richard J. G. Löfflers KE819 project on assembly of minimal life.
  • 2012 Glenn Nielsens project on simulation of surfactant-oil-water mixtures.
  • 2012 First year student project "Computer simulation af selv-byggende materialer".
  • 2012 Cosupervisor of Martin Autzens project on simulation of surfactant-oil-water mixtures.
  • 2012 ''Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics'' project in Philosophy of Science.
  • 2011 Honour student C. Nielsen project on gel electrophoresis simulations.
  • 2008 Iben Bruun-Hansens project on simulation of liquid crystals.